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We Build Private Marketplaces Your owned experience.
For your own customers.

Auctic builds marketplace technology for surplus specialty marketplaces to meet your specific needs.

You control your users' experience and data.

An auctic representative will reach out to discuss whether Auctic is right for you.

The most flexible marketplace solution

Tools and Expertise for your ambitious vision

Auctic software is secure, performant, and designed to integrate.


It's your data. Auctic features fully provisioned and autonomous deployments. No shared resources.


Enterprise-class security and processes are cornerstones of the Auctic technology stack.

Multiple Dispositions

Auction? Retail? Offers? New and unique selling methods? Auctic is fully extensible to fit your vision.

Built for integrations

SSO. Custom API's: There is no standard Auctic configuration. Your workflows and integrations are all in scope.

Metadata & Taxonomy

Auctic's proprietary taxonomy structures can be leveraged for any vertical, to any nested level of detail.

Current Web Design

Clear, functional, and appealing UX drives users' perception of quality and sets expectations for your brand and products.

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Direct support

Auctic is more than a vendor. We're partners.

We're a focused team with select clients. Experience our first-class business support via Slack, email, and phone.

Own your own roadmap and priorities to get exactly what you need.